Flight 3407 Families to Attend Senate Aviation Safety Hearing on Wednesday

Highlight Delayed Pilot Records Database Implementation, Importance of Congressional Follow-Thru

Buffalo, New York – March 26, 2019 – With the Aviation Subcommittee of the Senate’s Commerce Committee scheduled to hold an aviation safety oversight hearing on Wednesday, the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ announced that they would be in attendance at the hearing. The group hailed Subcommittee Chairman Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Ranking Member Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) for holding the hearing, but challenged them to put actions behind words in the follow-up to the hearing, and highlighted the continued delays by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the implementation of the Pilot Records Database (PRD), a provision adopted nearly 10 years ago in response to the fatal crash of Flight 3407. (more…)

Flight 3407 Families Honor Their Loved Ones on 10th Anniversary of Fatal Crash

Buffalo, New York – February 12, 2019 – Tuesday, February 12th, 2009 will mark the 10th anniversary of the tragic regional airline crash of Continental Flight 3407 operated by Colgan Air that took the lives of all on board and one man on the ground. The families and friends of those lost will gather in Buffalo to commemorate the victims in a series of events at the crash site on Long Street, at Forest Lawn Cemetery, and at the Flight 3407 Memorial at the Clarence Library. Additionally the entire Western New York community will recognize the anniversary as the Peace Bridge, Niagara Falls, Buffalo City Hall, Erie County Hall and other portions of the downtown skyline will be lit in red on the evening of the 12th.

In conjunction with the anniversary, the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ issued the following statement:


As 10th Anniversary Approaches, Flight 3407 Families Frustrated with Continued Delays by DOT, FAA in Implementing Pilot Records Database

Call on Chao, Elwell to Provide Leadership in Rule Making Process on Critical Safety Initiative

Buffalo, New York – January 29, 2019 – With the 10 year anniversary of the tragic regional airline crash just weeks away, the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ expressed their disappointment with repeated delays by DOT and FAA in the implementation process of the Pilot Records Database (PRD). This common-sense bipartisan reform, designed to ensure that air carriers have full access to a pilot’s complete training record when making a hiring decision, has the full support of the airline industry. Unfortunately, the target date for the release of this rule has pushed back four times since August 2017, and is now currently slated for this May.


Flight 3407 Families Applaud Passage of FAA Bill Upholding Stronger First Officer Experience Requirements

Congress Rebuffs Regional Airlines and Lobbyists’ Attempts to Water Down Safety Standards

Buffalo, New York – October 3, 2018 – The ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ hailed today’s passage of a five-year FAA Reauthorization Bill by the Senate that left intact stronger entry-level experience requirements for regional airline first officers. This safety initiative was the cornerstone provision of landmark aviation safety legislation unanimously enacted by Congress in 2010, and had been the subject of an aggressive and well-financed lobbying campaign by the nation’s regional airlines and their lobbying arm that sought to relax its requirements. (more…)

Flight 3407 Families to Hold Press Conference at Buffalo Airport Today on FAA Reauthorization

Call on Congress, Trump Administration to Uphold Enhanced First Officer Qualification Requirements from 2010 Aviation Safety Bill

Buffalo, New York – September 24, 2018 – With the current Federal Aviation Administration reauthorization set to expire at the end of the month and a new reauthorization bill on the verge of being considered, the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ announced a press conference to be held today, Monday, September 24th, at the Buffalo Niagara International Airport. The group called on Congress and the Trump Administration to hold the line on stronger entry-level experience requirements for regional airline first officers, mandated by a landmark aviation safety bill unanimously passed by Congress in 2010, despite an aggressive and well-financed lobbying campaign by the regional airlines and their lobbyists. (more…)

Flight 3407 Families to Attend FAA Forum; Commemorate Sean Rooney, Beverly Eckert on 9/11 Anniversary

Group on Full Alert as Regional Airlines Continue to Push for Lower First Officer Experience Requirements

Buffalo, New York – September 11, 2018 – In response to the Federal Aviation Administration’s ‘2018 Aviation Workforce Symposium’ to be held this Thursday, the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ announced that group members would be in attendance and called on President Donald Trump, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao, and acting FAA Administrator Daniel Elwell to continue to hold the line on regional airline safety standards in the face of continued pressure from the regional airlines and their lobbyists. The group also recognized the tragic losses of the Rooney and Eckert families, as Sean Rooney was lost in the World Trade Center bombing, and his wife and noted 9/11 activist Beverly Eckert subsequently perished on Flight 3407. (more…)

With FAA Bill Approaching Senate Floor, Flight 3407 Families Stay Alert on Regional Airline Safety

Group Opposes Lobbying Efforts to Water Down Pilot Qualification Requirements

Buffalo, New York – July 18, 2018 – With the current FAA authorization set to expire at the end of September and indications that the Senate will be taking up this issue shortly, the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ called on Senators John Thune (R-SD) and Bill Nelson (D-FL), the chairman and ranking member of the Commerce Committee, to resist pressure from the regional airlines and their lobbyists to weaken entry-level pilot qualification standards. (more…)

Flight 3407 Families Respond to Chao’s Comments on Safety Rule

Call on Transportation Secretary to Sit Down with Group Members

Buffalo, New York – June 8, 2018 – In light of comments made by Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao on Thursday that suggested that heightened experience requirements for entry-level regional airline first officers were creating a pilot shortage, the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ reacted strongly in support of the rule that has resulted in over nine years of no fatalities on regional aircrafts, the longest such period in our nation’s history by over three times. The group members also called on Chao to meet with them and learn more about their loved ones who were lost in the crash, and the group’s subsequent quest to ensure that the mistakes that led to Flight 3407 are never allowed to be repeated. (more…)

Flight 3407 Families Applaud House for Upholding Regional Airline Safety Standards in FAA Bill; Challenge Senate to Follow Suit

Southwest Incident Once Again Highlights Importance of More, Not Less Experience in the Cockpit

Buffalo, New York – May 3, 2018 – With the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passing an FAA Reauthorization Bill that had no amendments brought forth to water down regional airline first officer experience requirements, the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ commended the lower chamber and challenged the Senate to follow suit. It also called for regional airlines and their lobbyists to put an end to their quest to undercut the new rule and instead focus on initiatives geared towards attracting America’s youth to flying and making pilot training more attainable and affordable. (more…)

Flight 3407 Families Challenge Regional Airlines, FAA, Congress to Avoid Complacency in Wake of Recent Southwest, Allegiant News

Group Offers Condolences to the Family and Friends of Jennifer Riordan

Buffalo, New York – April 25, 2018 – With the FAA Bill scheduled to head to the House floor today, members of the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ issued a call for renewed vigilance and emphasis on safety to the government and all stakeholders in the airline industry. The group highlighted the recent tragic passing of Jennifer Riordan on Southwest Flight 1380 as well as a 60 Minutes documentary on numerous safety issues with discount carrier Allegiant Air. (more…)