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In September 2012, the Families of Continental Flight 3407 were awarded the Beverly Eckert Service Award by the September 11th Educational Trust. ( This award will be given annually to an individual or group of individuals who continue to demonstrate passion for various causes that help the greater good. We are grateful to have been named the first winners of this award.

In December 2011, the Families of Continental Flight 3407 were named the" 2011 Person of the Year Award" by WIVB TV. "In just two and a half years, they were able to accomplish what the government could not do in two decades: toughening the rules governing pilot fatigue. Their perseverance has made the skies safer for all of us."

In April 2011, the Families of Continental Flight 3407 were awarded the "2011 Organization of the Year Award" by Leadership Niagara. "Leadership comes from the heart. And in hard times and in challenging times - that is where true leaders are made. Thank you to the Families of Continental Flight 3407 for their selfless and tireless leadership on behalf of not only the people of Western New York, but all Americans."

In April 2010, the Families of Continental Flight 3407 were awarded the "Outstanding Citizens of 2009" award by the Buffalo News for their "long, focused and effective push to translate their personal tragedies into greater safety for all future air travelers."

Legislative Accomplishments

Since the NTSB conducted its original public hearing on this tragedy in May 2009, the Families of Flight 3407 have been able to meet with numerous government officials to heighten awareness of aviation safety issues and to ask for assistance in improving the safety of airline passengers across the country including:

  • President Barack Obama (Click here for article)
  • Speaker of the United States House of Representatives John Boehner
  • Offices of 100 US Senators
  • Offices of over 200 US Representatives
  • Hon. Ray LaHood, Secretary of Transportation
  • Hon. Anthony Foxx, Secretary of Transportation
  • Hon. Randy Babbitt, Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Hon. Michael Huerta, Administrator, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Hon. Deborah Hersman, Chairman, National Transportation Safety Board
  • Staff members of the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee & Aviation Subcommittee
  • Staff members of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee & Aviation Subcommittee

Our ongoing awareness campaign and request for positive changes to aviation safety regulations have helped influence many government initiatives. Since this accident, there have been numerous Senate and House of Representatives hearings to investigate the current state of aviation safety and opportunities for improvement.

Representatives from the Families of Continental Flight 3407, Mike Loftus and Scott Maurer, were invited by Congressional members to testify and participate in three of those hearings. Other family members have been invited to speak at NTSB forums.

Family members have attended more than 20 Congressional hearings on aviation issues and made over 60 trips to Washington to advocate for changes to address the weaknesses that contributed to the crash of Continental Flight 3407.

Our efforts have also led to the passage of PL 111-216, The Airline Safety and Federal Aviation Administration Extension Act of 2010.  This law is one of the most comprehensive aviation safety regulations of all time and includes many provisions to improve the overall safety of the American flying public.  For a more comprehensive overview of the new regulations and a status on all open items, please click here.

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