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We launched an awareness campaign titled 'Who's REALLY Flying Your Airline?' to raise the flying public's awareness of the practice of code sharing - you may not realize that today over 50% of all daily flights in the US are operated by regional carriers, and the last 6 fatal commercial U.S. airline crashes have been on regional airlines. Through our efforts, President Obama signed a comprehensive aviation safety bill, the Airline Safety and FAA Extension Act of 2010 into law on August 1, 2010. Besides numerous improvements in the areas of training, fatigue, and pilot qualifications, the bill also has a simple provision designed to ensure that every seller of airline tickets clearly publicizes which airline is actually flying each flight. Section 210 of the Airline Safety Act requires all ticket agents, air carriers, and any other persons selling plane tickets, including websites that consumers often use to book travel, to disclose verbally or in writing the name of the carrier actually operating each segment of a flight, and requires internet ticket sites to disclose this information in the initial display after a search.

The Department of Transportation has issued further guidance on the disclosure of these code-share services. This guidance specifically prohibits sites from displaying code-share operators only when a user "mouses over" an area of the screen or when they click a hyperlink. The actual carrier of the flight must be displayed in clear text to the public. We commend the Department of Transportation for taking action and the enforcement of this rule.

While we all wish our lost loved ones were still with us, we honor them with every effort we take for full compliance with every part of the new aviation safety bill to prevent another Continental Flight 3407 (operated by Colgan Air) from happening again.

Thanks again for your help with this awareness campaign and please share this information with as many people as possible.

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