Brad Green
Brad Green

My daddy met his Lord the night of February 12 when flight 3407 went down only a couple of miles from my families’ home in Clarence. Earlier that night my husband and I celebrated Valentines Day because our weekend was going to be crazy. We got home early and I remember falling asleep on the sofa, however, around 10:20 pm I suddenly woke up. I was only awake for a few minutes then went soundly to sleep in my bed until early the next morning. I did not realize until the next morning that what I felt was the exact moment my father left his earthly home to go to his eternal home. My husband and I received a call from my mother at 2:37am informing us of the devastating reality that my daddy’s plane had crashed. In that instant my life changed forever.

“My daddy was an amazing man. He loved his family so much and provided for us in so many ways. He was a man of faith and loved his Lord. Though he was a quiet man he impacted his world more than he ever knew.

My father was a competitive business man who worked for Kraft foods. His colleagues and team lost a dedicated, honest and brilliant leader. He touched so many lives and inspired the men and woman who worked with him to reach for their dreams.

My brother, Brad Jr. has lost his role model, mentor, and best friend. My dad called Brad Jr. his “Buddy” or “Tiger” My father was always there for his son and loved him no matter what. They hunted and went fishing together and I know these were cherished times for them both. They also loved working on cars together and fixing up their Corvettes. Many mornings they would also eat breakfast together and talk about life.

I am and will always be Daddy’s little girl. He affectionately called me “Pumpkin” and “Stinky”. No matter what my father was always there for me. He was the wind beneath my singing endeavors. He was “Mr. Fix It “helping to make my husband’s and my house a home. My father was also quite the “Food Dude”. He fostered my love of cooking and I will certainly miss cooking with him. One of my most recent memories of him was of him getting on his knees praying for all of us.

Who my heart aches for the most, is my mother. She lost her rock, best friend, partner … her “Mr. Wonderful” as she often called him. They did everything together be it yard work, shopping, going to church or sitting in the parking lot behind Tom Horton’s drinking coffee and eating cinnamon Tim Bits, watching cars run through the stop signs. Being together was all that mattered. They had so many dreams and plans for the future as retirement was close at hand. There were hopes of service projects and some much deserved relaxation.

My family and I lost my father due to a horrific tragedy that could possibly have been prevented. If there are further precautions to ensure safer aviation in this country I hope we can trust the powers that be to do anything in their power to ensure catastrophes like this never happen again.”

Jennifer Green Quimby – Daughter of Brad Green