Pilot Records Database

Description: Section 203 of PL111-216 requires the FAA to establish a centralized database of pilot records to be used for employment verification purposes. Status: Final rule published on 6/10/21.  The final rule can be found here.

Regional Air Carrier Ticket Disclosure

Description: Section 210 of PL111-216 requires ticket issuers to disclose the regional carrier operating a flight at the time of purchase.  For internet sales of tickets, the actual air carrier must be clearly visible on the first page returned after a search for itineraries. Status: Disclosure requirement was specified in Read more…

Safety Management Systems

Description: Section 215 – Requires FAA Administrator to issue a rule to require all part 121 carriers to implement Safety Management Systems. Status: The FAA issued a final rule on Safety Management Systems on January 8, 2015. The  complete text of the final rule can be found here.

Flight and Duty Time Limits

Description: Section 212 of PL111-216 requires the FAA Administrator to conduct rulemaking establishing new flight and duty time regulations, requires all part 121 carriers to submit a Fatigue Risk  Management Plan (FRM) for Administrator approval, and directs a study on commuting, with findings to be incorporated into fatigue rulemaking. Status: Read more…