Mary Abraham
Mary Abraham

“Mary Julia Abraham was the youngest sibling in our family, she was 44. Mary is survived by her parents, brother and two sisters. However, our family wasn’t all Mary had. She considered her co-workers and business associates family as well, a second family. Mary worked for Invacare Corporation for 11 years where she worked diligently to make her mark, and boy did she ever! Our family learned just how much Mary meant to Invacare when they held an additional memorial service in her honor. Co-workers and friends shared their memories and impressions that Mary had left on them.

Mary also served in the Army Reserves for 22 years where she excelled to become First Sergeant. She was so proud and dedicated to be serving her country. Mary was the epitome of a true patriot.

Mary had many passions in life. Rescuing greyhounds topped the list. Her dogs were her companions, her children and her friends. Mary also had a passion for letting loose on the open road. On her 40th birthday she bought herself a motorcycle and joined a woman’s motorcycle club, the Motor Maids. Golfing and fishing were two of Mary’s other hobbies which she would travel to various states around the country to take part in. Finally, Mary loved to take on projects. She recently bought an older house down from our parents that she completely renovated herself with the help of our family. Mary truly believed she could take on any task and never let anything defeat her.

To say the least, Mary was a very passionate person. She stood up for what she believed in and she made everyone else believe too. Mary greeted everyone she met with a smile and people couldn’t help but want to get to know her and be her friend. She was always and unconditionally selfless, caring, loving and full of life.

We as sisters, (known as #1, #2 and #3) shared our challenges, trials and love for each other each day. For us, Mary was the one with the answers. She talked us through our problems and was always there for support. We as “the sisters” would go on trips, shopping sprees and have “sisters’ nights.” Two years ago, we all even had the opportunity to go on a cruise. On February 8, the day before Mary’s 44th birthday, we all celebrated together, not knowing it would be the last time. These are the memories we will never forget. These are the memories that will stay in our hearts forever. Although we live now with a whole in our heart, Mary will never be forgotten and we will continue our traditions knowing her spirit is always near. “

Ruthann Stillwell and Tina Siniscalco – Sisters of Mary Abraham