‘What You See Should Be What You Get; 3407 Families Support Schumer’s Carrier Disclosure Legislation’

Buffalo, New York- June 30, 2009 – In light of Continental Airlines’ concerted effort to distance itself from the tragedy of Continental Flight 3407 operated by Colgan Air, the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407′ gave Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) high praise for his recently introduced legislation that will increase passengers’ awareness of the actual carrier operating each and every flight when they are purchasing plane tickets. (more…)

3407 Families Endorse Snowe-Boxer Bill; Push for Co-Sponsors

Buffalo, New York- June 22, 2009 – The ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’ announced their support for the ‘One Level of Safety’ Bill, introduced by Senators Olympia Snowe (R-ME) and Barbara Boxer (D-CA). The bill seeks to address many of the deficiencies that have been brought to light by the investigation into the crash of Continental Flight 3407 on February 12th. (more…)

Prepared Statement from Scott Maurer Addressing the Senate Aviation Subcommittee

June 17, 2009 – On behalf of the Families of Flight 3407, we would like to thank Chairman Dorgan, Minority Leader Senator DeMint, and all other members of the Senate Subcommittee on Aviation for the opportunity to speak to you today. My name is Scott Maurer. My daughter, Lorin Maurer, was on board Continental Flight 3407.

Tomorrow night at 10:17 p.m. will be 18 weeks since our lives were changed forever. The minutes, hours, days, and weeks that have past since this tragedy have been an unbelievable nightmare for all of us. It is a pain that you will never know, and one that we hope no one else must face. We believe very strongly that the crash did not have to happen and was preventable. As such, we are here today, and we will be here tomorrow and beyond, to ask for help and to push for change so that other families can be spared this pain. (more…)

Father of 3407 Passenger to Testify at Senate Aviation Subcommittee Hearing

Buffalo, New York- June 15, 2009 – Scott Maurer of Moore, South Carolina, who lost his thirty year old daughter Lorin on Continental Flight 3407 , has been invited to testify in front of the Senate Aviation Subcommittee at its hearing this week. The hearing, to be held at 10:00 am on Wednesday, June 17th in Room 253 of the Russell Senate Office Building, will focus on ‘Aviation Safety: The Role and Responsibility of Commercial Air Carriers and Employees.’ (more…)

Prepared Statement from Mike Loftus Addressing the House Aviation Subcommittee

une 11, 2009 – Mr. Chairman and subcommittee members, thank you for the opportunity to speak before your subcommittee today. My name is John Michael Loftus. I am here today to testify on behalf of the ‘Families of Continental Flight 3407’, both as a father, and as a former pilot with Continental Airlines for over 20 years.

My daughter, Maddy Loftus was onboard Continental Flight 3407. On February 12, 2009, Maddy was a beautiful twenty four year old woman just starting down the pathway of her adult life. She had finished her education and returned to her home in New Jersey where she had landed an excellent job with an outstanding advertising agency. She was surrounded by family and friends who loved her. As she boarded flight 3407 she was so excited about going back to Buffalo State College for an alumni hockey game – so excited to see old teammates and friends and pursue one of the loves of her life: hockey. In other words, she was poised to begin “the rest of her life.” But, that night, onboard Flight 3407, all her hopes and dreams and plans for the future – career, love, marriage, motherhood – were brutally extinguished. And I am left sitting here today asking why? I don’t think we can ever make sense of the tragic loss of Maddy and the other forty nine human beings who died that night. But we can, we must, do everything in our power to ensure that it never happens again. (more…)