Buffalo, New York – April 30, 2024– The Families of Flight 3407 wish to express their heartfelt appreciation to the members of the House/Senate Conference Committee for their diligent efforts in reconciling differences and presenting a final FAA Reauthorization Bill.

This bill addresses many critical safety concerns including those that have resulted in numerous near misses in recent years.  

The efforts of the Committee to bring forth a comprehensive bill that tackles these and other safety issues is an important step towards ensuring the safety and security of the flying public.

 “We know firsthand the heartbreak and devastation caused by safety issues that are ignored for too long,” stated John Kausner, who lost his 24- year- old daughter and law student Ellyce on Flight 3407. “This FAA Reauthorization Bill is critically important in preventing future tragedies.   As it progresses to both the House of Representatives and the Senate for passage, we strongly urge all members to give it their support.”