Call on Biden Administration and Buttigieg to Step Up on Pilot Record Database

Buffalo, New York – February 12, 2021 – Beth Ann.  Clay.  Darren.  Susan.  Donald.  Dawn.  Shawn.  Ferris.  Ronald.  Brad.
These were not just names.  They were family.  Co-workers.  Classmates.  Neighbors.  Friends.  Doers.  Achievers.  Difference-makers.  And they were tragically taken from us 12 years ago, much too early.

Larry.  Sean.  Alison.  Jean.  Jerry.  Ernie.  Beverly.  Lorin.  Doug.  Elly.

On the evening of February 12th, 2009, Continental Flight 3407 crashed into a house on Long Street in Clarence Center, New York, taking the lives of everyone on board and one man on the ground.  This very preventable crash exposed numerous safety shortcomings with our nation’s regional airlines.  Among the most glaring, that the pilot was able to conceal his history of failed training events when he applied and was eventually hired by Colgan Air, the regional airline operating Flight 3407.
Coleman.  Dipinder.  Ruth.  David.  Donna.  John.  Mary.  Shibin.  Joseph.  Maddie.

Twelve years is forever.  Three presidents.  Four Secretaries of Transportation.  Numerous congressional hearings.  Hundreds of meetings with senators, representatives, and staffers.  Countless interactions with pilots, flight attendants, and airline executives.  A landmark aviation safety bill unanimously passed by Congress.  Multiple reforms implemented in the areas of pilot qualifications, fatigue, and training.  Most importantly, twelve years without a fatal crash, the longest such period in our nation’s history by over four times.

Dave.  Georges.  Matilda.  Don.  Kristin.  Julie.  Rebecca.  Steve.  Nicole.  Johnathan.

And yet, the most common-sense reform of them all, the pilot records database, remains stalled in our government’s bureaucracy.  So today, as the loss of our loved ones weighs just a little more heavily on our hearts, we call upon the Biden administration, in particular Secretary Buttigieg and the rest of the leadership at DOT, OMB, and FAA, to step up to the plate and push this initiative over the finish line.

Ronald.  Linda.  Marvin.  Gerry.  Jennifer.  Baby Neill.  Zhaofang.  Mary.  Kevin.  Dawn.  Brian.

The names of Flight 3407.  Forever in our hearts.