Airline Safety Act Has Now Been Fully Implemented

Buffalo, New York – February 12, 2022 – Yet again, the calendar turns to February 12th and the sights, sounds, and memories of a horrible tragedy come flooding back.  Sadness and pain as we reflect on our loved ones who are no longer with us, and all the experiences of the past thirteen years that they have not been able to be a part of.

But all is not lost.  Today also signifies the passage of yet another year, another 365 days, without a single fatal commercial airline crash here in the United States.  The safest period in our nation’s aviation history by over ten years.  And this past year carries further significance due to the final implementation of the pilot record database, a meaningful reform enacted in the wake of Flight 3407 to ensure that airlines have access to the complete record of every pilot that they consider in the hiring process; a resource which could have made a difference in the prevention of this crash.  This marks the last milestone to be achieved in the full implementation of Public Law 111-216. the regional airline safety legislation that we tirelessly advocated for.

Although this legislation cannot bring our loved ones back, we take some comfort in the extraordinary safety record that has been driven by it.  We are also thankful for so many in both our government and the aviation industry whose efforts over the past thirteen years have made this possible.

That being said, we remain ever-vigilant moving forward to ensure that the poor decisions that led to the tragedy of Flight 3407 are never allowed to be repeated.  This ongoing pandemic has created new difficulties and challenges for the airline industry, which undoubtedly can tempt us to take shortcuts that could potentially jeopardize safety.  This must not be allowed to happen, and we resolutely pledge to do our part in the memory of our loved ones.

The victims of Flight 3407.  A group of talented, loving, and giving people.  Forever in our hearts.